MakangaidzeGD is dedicated to securing a bright future for every child in Zamchiya, fostering a nurturing family environment where they can flourish. Our mission extends to ensuring no child goes to bed hungry or without shelter and basic necessities. We aspire for the entire community of Zamchiya to thrive in health, well-being, and purposeful activities, embodying a holistic vision for a fulfilled and prosperous life.

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Celebrating 25 Years of Transforming Lives

Join us in leveraging the transformative power of sports to reshape the lives of orphans and the broader community, creating lasting impact.


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What we do


Our orphanages go beyond providing shelter, food, and clothing, encouraging children to engage in farming practices, community outreach, and environmental sustainability projects. Additionally, we aspire to grant each child at least one annual holiday, providing enriching experiences at Zimbabwe's attractions.

Community Outreach

Our non-profit organization focuses on comprehensive outreach initiatives. We extend vital food aid to locals, fostering self-sufficiency by empowering individuals to establish and sustain income-generating projects. Additionally, we collaborate with the local clinic, providing essential resources to ensure seamless operations as they diligently serve the community. Our commitment lies in catalyzing positive change and promoting enduring independence through targeted support and sustainable development projects.

Community Projects

At the heart of our mission are transformative community projects. We undertake the crucial task of sinking boreholes to provide access to clean water, facilitate solar installations for clinics and schools, and empower the younger generation through computer literacy training. Additionally, we take pride in our commitment to the local infrastructure, ensuring the maintenance of roads in and around the Zamchiya area, fostering sustainable growth and well-being.

Health Promotion​

Dedicated to holistic well-being, our non-profit prioritizes health promotion through various initiatives. We actively support and encourage regular health checks, encompassing blood pressure and diabetes screening. Our commitment extends to educating and supporting the prevention of excessive alcohol use, promoting lifestyle changes, and managing diseases. Further, we advocate for women's reproductive health, providing support for safe sanitary practices and items, while also championing community water fluoridation for enhanced overall health


Environmental Sustainability

Committed to environmental sustainability, our non-profit engages in impactful initiatives. We actively participate in tree planting and nature conservation programs, nurturing a greener, healthier planet. Supporting the community, we advocate for environmentally friendly farming practices, fostering harmony between agriculture and nature. Furthermore, we promote solar energy adoption, mitigating deforestation by replacing wood traditionally sourced from local trees, thus contributing to a sustainable and ecologically balanced future.

Maintenance of local Roads

Our organization is dedicated to enhancing the infrastructure and connectivity in the Zamchiya region. We prioritize the meticulous maintenance of roads, ensuring safe and efficient transportation for the community. By investing in the upkeep of the road network in and around Zamchiya, we aim to facilitate economic growth, improve accessibility, and contribute to the overall well-being of the local residents.

Partner With Us

Our partners are essential to the work we do – and the life-changing outcomes we achieve.

Transforming Lives In Zamchiya

Dedicated to catalyzing positive change, our non-profit is unwaveringly committed to transforming lives in Zamchiya. Through strategic initiatives, community engagement, and sustainable projects, we aim to uplift and empower individuals, creating a lasting impact on the well-being and prosperity of the Zamchiya community

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